FAQs on area-based risk rating for COVID-19

From: Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government | Updated: 2020-03-24

Recently, Guangdong Province has released an area-based risk rating list for COVID-19 prevention and control, which widely attracts the attention of citizens. According to the Notice by Office of Shenzhen Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on Clarifying the Risk Levels of and Requirements for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Each District from Mar. 21 to 28 , all districts of Shenzhen, including Dapeng New District and Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone, are rated low-risk.


1. What is area-based risk rating for COVID-19?

* Area-based risk rating is a measure that divides areas at county level, except places in Hubei Province and Beijing, into low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk areas according to the severity of the epidemic in these areas.



2. What prevention and control strategies will be taken in low-risk areas?

Low-risk areas will focus on the prevention of imported cases, comprehensively resume production and normal life, and lift road traffic restrictions.



3. Do residents in low-risk areas have to wear face masks outdoors?

As low-risk areas are not free of risks, and some of them have just been downgraded to low-risk areas from high-risk or medium-risk, residents should continue to exercise personal protection.



4.What types of public places in Shenzhen can open now?

* Public places of all types including shopping malls, large-sized chain supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment facilities, performance spaces, Internet cafes, hostels and hotels, public baths, hair and beauty salons, photo studios, household appliance repair services, exhibition centers, libraries, museums, wholesale markets, car dealers (including second-hand car dealers), auction houses, logistics companies, warehouses, car dismantling services and e-commerce public service centers can now reopen. Ventilation and disinfection shall be intensified, and body temperature of customers shall be checked.

*Commercial parking lots of all types can now reopen. All drivers and passengers on vehicles will only be receive body temperature checks when entering the parking lots.

*All leisure facilities including parks and greenways can now reopen. Checkpoints at entrances and exits will be canceled.





5.Can food and mail delivery persons enter residential communities now?

Operational entrances and exits of residential communities (including urban villages) shall be increased where possible, so as to facilitate passage, and body temperature checking at entrances shall be retained for the moment. Visitors, and food , mail and package delivery persons can enter and exit residential communities after presenting required QR code and undergoing body temperature checks.



6.Will risk rating for areas be modified?

*The State Council stipulates that risk rating for areas shall be adjusted in a dynamic manner based on comprehensive analysis and judgment on the epidemic landscape of each province and each county-level area. Risk rating for a county-level area will be adjusted in time if certain criteria are met based on analysis and evaluation performed by the government of the province in which that area is situated.

*Epidemic landscapes are changing from day to day. As the epidemic evolves, risk rating for areas shall be adjusted whenever necessary and be released to the public in a timely manner. According to relevant laws and regulations, in areas where there is a stable decrease in number of confirmed cases and the risk of epidemic spread is effectively contained, governments at provincial and municipal levels shall lower the level of emergency response or end the emergency response.




Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

March 24, 2020