Pingshan-Yantian tunnel boring work completed

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-09-26

Boring work on the Maluanshan tunnel of Pingyan Passage, which links Yantian and Pingshan districts, was completed recently, sources from the construction center of the Shenzhen transport bureau said.

The work site of Jinlong Boulevard, part of the Pingyan Passage. Courtesy of the Shenzhen transport bureau

The 7.9-km tunnel has two independent entrances for southbound and northbound vehicles. Each direction has three lanes. The project starts in the north from Longjin Road in Pingshan and ends at Yanba Expressway in Yantian. The entire project is about 11.2 kilometers and is designed for a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Along the way, two big interchange flyovers, 17 bridges and the Maluanshan Tunnel were built.

The project has been 55 percent completed. Additionally, 90 percent of the road and bridge projects for the passage in the Pingshan section have been completed. According to statistics from the construction center, 85 percent of the civil engineering work on the tunnel has been completed.

Pingyan Passage is a key infrastructure listed in the city’s 12th Five-Year Program. It is an important part of the city’s seven vertical and 13 horizontal road-network backbone. It will save a great amount of time and cost for travelers from Pingshan to Yantian, Luohu and Futian districts. The trip from Jinlong Boulevard to Baguang Expressway will only take 10 minutes. It will also serve as a key passage for vehicles running to Yantian port and will greatly relieve congestion on the roads to Yantian Port. Using the Yangangdong Overpass and Jinlong Overpass drivers can transfer to Nanping Expressway and Yanba Expressway.