Meisha named most beautiful forest town in China

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-07-04

Meisha Subdistrict in Yantian District has been selected as the most beautiful forest town nationwide, according to an annual report on the development of forest towns in China, the Daily Sunshine reported yesterday.

Meisha Subdistrict covers an area of 18.19 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 69.98 percent. It receives about 20 million tourists annually.

Relying on its superior natural environment and forest resources, the subdistrict has been tapping into its ecological advantages in recent years to develop the area into a green and beautiful forest town.

The report considered seven indicators in four aspects, namely ecology, production, life and culture, with the aim of objectively evaluating the development of the selected forest towns to provide reference points for their development.

The other forest towns in the top 10 were Debai in Dezhou City, Xiling in Chengdu City, Taizi Mountain in Jingmen City, Kongshan in Bazhong City, Guangwu Mountain in Bazhong City, Zishi in Ya’an City, Zengjia in Guangyuan City, Jianmenguan in Guangyuan City and Tianzhao Mountain in Guangyuan City.