Free courses offered for Yantian teenagers

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-07-01

Recently, the reporter learned from the Communist Youth League Shenzhen Yantian District Committee that on this year’s summer vacation, the Youth Activity Centre in Yiantian District enrich the vacation with setting up a number of interesting free courses for Yiantian teenagers to experience. Residents can sign up for free courses for their children by following the official WeChat account of the Youth Activity Centre of Shenzhen Yiantian District (WeChat ID: gh_e42dadda13b9)

Course introduction:

1. Teen journalist

Develop training courses on photography, etiquette and speech, etc. Guide children to improve their abilities of reporting hot topics and language skills by organizing a series of practical activities.

2. Juvenile Innovation Institute

Through learning graphical programming software, sensor integrated application, creative design and other courses, improve various abilities such as innovation and thinking mode, so as to encourage more teenagers to engage in scientific and technological work.

3. Musical

Teenage musical is a pluralistic art which integrates various elements such as vocal music and dance, children’s potential, self-confidence and social ability can be greatly improved. The training and teaching will be based on the original script “Troubles of Love.”

4. China classic dance

The courses of dance team of Red Scarf Art Troupe include trainings on soft opening, technical skills, classical basics, etc. Through systematic learning, children can not only acquire dance skills and broaden their art horizons, but also improve their physical and mental health.

For your satisfation:

1. Each project is free of charge with no tuition fee. Deposit is required for each course every semester, deposit will be deducted for unexcused absences;

2. New trainees will be interviewed after signing up, please follow the official WeChat account of Yiantian Youth Activity Center (WeChat ID: gh_e42dadda13b9) for time and requirements, and go to the reception desk in the center to fill in the registration forms;

3. All courses and interview venues are at Yiantian Youth Activity Centre.

4. Address: Building B, Junlin Haiyu Residential Area, 1015 2nd Haijing Road, Yiantian District(深圳市盐田区海景二路1015号君临海域B栋).