Traditional dump trucks to be banned from June

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-05-23

Traditional dump trucks powered by diesel fuel will be banned across the city starting in June and replaced by electricity-powered ones, the Shenzhen traffic police bureau announced yesterday.

Starting June 1, all construction sites must start using the new type of dump trucks, and traditional trucks will be banned from the road, police said. Police have deployed more than 460 monitoring cameras to capture violations on the roads frequently used by dump trucks.

At present, there are 206 transport companies engaged in the dump truck transportation business. They have 2,400 traditional dump trucks, and 800 are still in operation. Among the 7,300 new dump trucks, 6,800 have been put into use, statistics from the traffic police authority show.

Shenzhen initiated the elimination of traditional dump trucks by offering subsidies to operators. Those dump trucks that have exited the Shenzhen market in advance, between August 6, 2018, and May 31, 2019, can apply for the subsidies, which are calculated based on years of service, and registration and purchasing costs. The city designated 1.51 billion yuan (US$219 million) for the elimination of the traditional trucks and the purchase of electric alternatives.

The electric dump trucks, such as the model T10ZT produced by BYD, are about 9.6 meters long and 3 meters high, with a maximum gradeability of 50 percent and capacity of 10.6 cubic meters. The 31,000-kg trucks are used to transport sand, soil and other construction waste.

They are powered by lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 435 kwh, enabling the vehicles to run as far as 280 kilometers fully loaded — enough for a day’s worth of deliveries around the city.

If all dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks in Shenzhen go electric, the annual amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide reductions could reach more than 1.6 million tons and 31,200 tons, respectively.

Dump trucks running in Shenzhen are limited to a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour on expressways, 60 kilometers per hour on trunk roads and 40 kilometers per hour on other urban roads. All of the dump trucks in the city have a GPS installed and operation data must be kept intact. Truck drivers will be warned for their first speeding violation and have their license suspended after three speeding violations in a year. The operator will face fines and bidding disqualifications if its accumulative violations reach more than 10 within a calculation year.