City to build two more high-speed railway stations

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-05-09

Shenzhen will build two new high-speed railway stations, according to a master development plan for the railway network (2016-2030), which was recently approved by China Railway Corp. and the Guangdong Provincial Government.

They will be Xili Station and Shenzhen Airport Station, and will increase the number of major railway stations in the city to seven.

Xili Station in Nanshan District will mainly serve the future Coastal Passenger Special Line, the Shenzhen-Maoming High-speed Railway and Ganzhou-Shenzhen high-speed rail. Some trains on the Shenzhen-Huizhou and Shenzhen-Zhuhai intercity bullet trains will also make stops at the station.

The Coastal Passenger Special Line was put forward by the Central Government when planning China’s railway network in 2008.

The line will basically run parallel to the Hangzhou-Fuzhou-Shenzhen high-speed rail line, linking the Yangtze River Delta region with the Pearl River Delta region via Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen and Guangdong’s coastal cities. It will take about two hours to go from Shenzhen to Xiamen and six hours to Shanghai.

Currently, the travel time on the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed rail is 3.5 hours.

Shenzhen Airport Station will be an important station on the Shenzhen-Maoming High-speed Railway and serve as an auxiliary station for Xili Station.

According to the plan, Shenzhen aims to become a rail hub, with Shenzhen North Railway Station, Xili Station and Shenzhen Station as the three main stations, while Shenzhen East Station, Futian Station, Shenzhen Airport Station and Pingshan Station will serve as the four auxiliary stations.

In addition, the rail linking Guangming City Station and Xili Station, and intercity rails linking Shenzhen with Huizhou, Zhuhai and Shanwei are under planning.