City launches all-in-one service app

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-01-16

A new all-in-one government service app has been praised by local residents for its convenient, comprehensive and accurate services.

With the launch of the iShenzhen app Jan. 11, residents can access services in eight categories, namely administrative services, transport, health, culture and education, community, tourism, e-cards and documents, and food safety.

The city government initially put 500 items related to administrative services and 200 items for public services onto the mobile service platform.

The operator has set up interfaces for both individuals and corporations on the app.

The services include applications for public rental apartments and talent subsidies, transferring cab license plates, information on housing provident funds, and electronic car licenses and driver’s licenses. The public can make hospital reservations, check and pay water, electricity and gas bills, and do many other things.

“Checking for traffic violations is fast and convenient, and it can update bus service information in real time,” a netizen praised the app after using the service.

In the corporate accounts, the operator provides services related to enterprises and has special service zones, such as the Zone for Social Insurance and Nanshan District Zone. In the Zone for Social Insurance, residents can check information on their social insurance, professional qualification accreditation, payments for children’s insurance and housing subsidies. The Nanshan District Zone integrates the services of the district government agencies including education, environment, human resources and housing. The app users can make reservations, submit applications, complete assessments and check their progress online.

“In the rapidly developing digital era, technologies are transforming our patterns of life. Shenzhen, as an innovation-based city, has prioritized the construction of a smart city and digital-based government as the way to improve efficiency in its new round of high-quality development,” said Liu Qingsheng, executive vice mayor of Shenzhen, at the launch ceremony.

The app is believed to be able to improve government efficiency and transparency while saving residents the time it takes to go to different government agencies to hand in applications.

The operator will add 300 service items and try to enable online processing for 95 percent of personal matters and 60 percent of company-related items.