Industry and Information Technology Bureau

From: Yantian Government | Updated: 2019-05-15

Main Duties:

1. To organize investment promotion activities and forge manifold connections between enterprises, social organizations, investment institutions and trade boards at home and abroad.

2. To deal with establishment and alteration of foreign-invested enterprises, as well as alteration of contracts of foreign-invested projects according to the law, and to oversee foreign-invested enterprises.

3. To manage imports, exports and processing trade business within competence; To work in coordination with departments concerned on WTO affairs.

4. To provide support to small-medium enterprises (SMEs). 

5. To provide guidance to the implementation of the Go Global Strategy through arranging visits to exhibitions and economic cooperation events.

6. To liaise with business and trade circles around the world; to render assistance to enterprises at district levels to actively open up domestic and foreign markets; to mediate foreign related economic disputes.

Tel: 0755-25228856,25228400

Add: Floor 4, Administration Center, 2088 Shenyan Road, Yantian District