IP platform aims to support cultural industry

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-01-10

A third-party platform, created by China Cultural Media Group Co. Ltd. (CCMG) for IP services, was introduced at a road show held Tuesday in Shenzhen to support the city’s cultural and creative industry.

Since China’s cultural industry has gained development impetus over the past few years, intellectual property (IP), as the core of cultural competitiveness, has become an important part of the economy due to its huge economic value. While many problems, such as infringement of IPR, copyright theft and a lack of transparency in the market, have also occurred along with the development.

Devoted to serving the cultural industry for the sustainable development of the country, CCMG aims to use the platform to address three major problems regarding IPR in the cultural industry, namely confirmation of IPR, access to IP-related transactions and protection of IPR.

The IP platform provides an infrastructural foundation for the cultural and creative industry and data services concerning the confirmation of IPR for enterprises, administrative institutes and consumers. In terms of IP-related transactions and IP authorization, the platform helps to lower the access threshold for relevant industries. Additionally, the platform helps enterprises protect their IPR and offers efficient solutions when their rights are infringed.

“Shenzhen attaches great importance to the cultural industry and has listed it as the fourth major industry of the city. With CCMG’s IP platform, cultural enterprises can access professional services for dealing with IP issues. The platform also plays a role in the whole industry,” said Qian Qiang, deputy director of the city’s culture, sports and tourism bureau.

A round-table discussion was also held during the event, where representatives from cultural companies and staff from the Culture Research Center of Shenzhen Special Zone confirmed the role of the platform in helping enterprises deal with IP issues.

As a key national project supported by the Central Government, the platform plans to select six cities with the most active IP activity across the country to introduce the platform. Shenzhen is the second stop of the road show, and the event was jointly held by CCMG and Shenzhen’s culture, sports and tourism bureau.